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Dear Future Agent,

You want to earn more money – We want to help! We will provide you with a proven product, over ten million waiting customers, and training!

Be your own boss – set your own hours to suit your convenience. Want to attend your daughter's recital or your son's ball game? Do it!

It takes 10 minutes to make a presentation and 20 minutes to collect the necessary details. If only one presentation in ten resulted in a sale, that would be two hours of effort!

Sell just ONE $300 website a week to earn an extra $5,000 in a year – excellent side business income. Sell one site per DAY for a tidy $25,000 annual income, earned on your schedule, with just a few hours each day!

But you want more and we offer more!

Each website that renews for a second year earns a commission again! That's right, you get paid that $25,000 again the second year and all your new business is on top of that.

Just keep doing what you did in the first year and make $50,000 the second year, $75,000 the third year, $100,000 in your fourth year, the sky's the limit! Since these sales are done on your schedule, this income is in addition to your other income.

You already know your customers – they are the small businesses you buy from every day! They know you and they know they want a website. You just have to guide them through the process.

The web has replaced the phonebook when people want to find a business. Today, every business must have a website but 75.2% of all businesses do not! You have a market of over ten million businesses waiting for you!

Every day, you interact with the owners of small businesses and every meeting is an opportunity to sell a website. The owners already know they need a website but they need someone to make it a priority for them and steer them through the process.

You can do this  The process is simple and we will train you:

  1. Show the example sites we have under the "Themes" tabs on this site – you can use printed screen shots if you don't have access to the web at the client site.
  2. Have the client choose a theme.
  3. Collect the information needed for that theme – it's very simple; see the example site's "Buy" page for details.
  4. Submit the information to us by email.
  5. Have the client approve the site when it's ready – less than two days after you submit the information.
  6. Collect your commission as a self-employed independent agent and look forward to collecting those residual payments, year after year!

Step #1 takes only 10 minutes and the remaining steps take only 20 minutes. It's really that simple and easy!

Within a few miles of you there are literally thousands of companies that need a website. People you know own small businesses and they need websites.

There is NO investment required to get started and once you've sold only three websites, we will build a FREE personalized website for you so you can show off your client sites on the "Sites" page of your site, just as we do on this site.  At that point, clients will begin to come to you at your website!

Every week we add new themes, so our appeal is broader all the time. If a client wants a different look from what we have, let us know and we will investigate creating an offering that will allow you to close the deal!

Get Started – Contact Us and start making money today!

PS: Don't forget – small organizations need websites too!